Such a great ruler Bappa Rawal - Never dared to raise a Muslim rulers towards India for 400 years

Bappa Rawal - Great warrior of 8th century, was not taught in Indian history and whose name Arab Muslim invaders were afraid. Bappa Rawal was the founder of the Guhil dynasty, the beginning of the Mewar kingdom is considered to be with Bappa Rawal. Over time, this 'Guhil dynasty' became the 'Gahlaut dynasty' and then the 'Sisodia dynasty'.

There is no consensus among scholars about Bapa's birth and parents. Bappa Rawal's real name was Kaal Bhoja. He was born in 713-14 AD. During these times Chittor was ruled by Mauryan ruler Maan Mori. His childhood was spent in Nagda village near Eklingji in Mewar, where Bapa was approached by Harit Rishi (sage) while grazing cows in the forests of Nagda. Bappa was brought up in the company of a Brahmin family.

The first Arab invasion of India was made by Muhammad bin Qasim with the help of the khalifa in 712 AD on Sindh from the northwestern border of India. Dahrsen was the king at that time. Dahrsen sacrificed his life while fighting enemies to protect the kingdom. Thus, the Arabs conquered Sindh and occupied a large part of it.  In a few years, the Arab invaders defeated the Chavadas, the Mauryas, the Sandhavas, the Kachellas.

In 734 AD, Bappa Rawal defeated Man Mori at the age of 20 and took possession of the Chittor fort and also expanded the boundary of his kingdom. He did not accept the name of his dynasty after becoming the ruler, but had run a new dynasty in the name of Mewar dynasty.

At this time, West India was constantly struggling with the invasions of the Arabs. Experiencing this anomalous situation, Bapa Rawal decided to take on the Arab army. He formed a joint meeting with Pratihar Nagabhat I, Sabhar and Ajmer King Ajayraj, Dhaval of Hadauti, Devraj Bhati, the ruler of Maad Jaisalmer and King Dahir of Sindh. Nagabhat I drove the Arabs out of western Rajasthan and Malway. Bapa did the same for Mewar and its surrounding region.

Under the leadership of Bapa Rawal, there was a tremendous war between the army of this united front and the power of the Arab Khalifa.  Muhammad bin Qasim was also defeated. Maharao Bappa Rawal defeated Mohammad Bin Qasim, and chased Arabs upto Iran. By liberating Sindh, this army won the state up to Iran, Iraq and Khorasan. Bappa Rawal defeated Salim, the ruler of Ghazni Bapa Rawal performed many marriages here. The converts were made Hindus again. Bappa Rawal had about 100 wives, out of which 35 were daughters of Muslim rulers.

Bappa Rawal built a military outpost in Ghazni region to protect his empires from Arab invaders. Their soldiers kept watch on Arab robbers. The place where these military posts were established was renamed as Rawalpindi after Bappa Rawal. Bappa Rawal completely drove out the Arabs from Sindh and ended their influence forever. He defeated the invading armies of Arabia many times in such a way that for the next 400 years, no Muslim ruler dared to look at India. Much later, Mahmud Ghaznavi dared to invade India and was defeated several times.

Bappa Rawal had issued his special coins. This coin has Sri Bopp article under the garland in the upper part towards the front. There is a trident on the left side and a Shivalinga is made on the altar on its right. On its right, Nandi is sitting facing the Shivling. There is a figure of a male worshiping under the Shivling and Nandi. On the back side are the signs of the sun and the umbrella. Underneath all this is a cow standing facing the right and next to it is a calf drinking milk. All these symbols are related to Bapa Rawal's devotion and some incidents in his life.

After ruling for almost 20 years, he took renunciation and handed over the kingdom to his son and worshiped Shiva. Bappa Rawal died in Nagda, where his tomb is located. The Great and heroic rulers like Maharana Sangram Singh (Rana Sanga), Udai Singh and A Great Indian Warrior - Maharana Pratap were born in his dynasty.

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