Abraham Lincoln's mother was also proud of this great Indian warrior Maharana Pratap

A true patriot who dedicated to protect the motherland. The wonderful hindu rajput warrior Maharana Pratap's bravery was also believed by foreign invaders. Who does not remember the war of Haldighati (famous for Haldighati ka yudh), specially in India even children knows about this famous war, which the Mughal Emperor Akbar and Maharana Pratap was fought between. It was very courageous to dare to face 85000 army of mughals with 20000 army of Maharana Pratap.

Maharana Pratap - The wonderful hindu rajput warrior of indian history

There are some real facts about great Mahrana Pratap, which at least every Indian should know that.

 Maharana Pratap was born on 9th May 1540.

1) Maharana Pratap's full name was Maharana Pratap Singh Sisodia. Who were from the house of Sisodia Rajput dynasty.

2) Mahrana Pratap's father's name was Rana Udai Singh and mother's name was Maharani Jaiwanta Bai. In childhood, he was also known as Kaki.

3) Maharana Pratap had 11 wife who had 22 sons and daughters (son 17 and daughter 5). His most beloved wife was named Maharani Ajbade Panwar.

4) He became the king of Mewar after his father's (Rana Udai Singh) death in 1572.

5) Maharana Pratap's body was very strong, he had a weight of 110 kg and height was 7 feet 5 inches.

6) Maharana Pratap's spear weighed more than 80kg and he had also 2 swords that weighed between 25 kg - 45 kg. Meaning both swords total weigh 50 kg - 90 kg. and the weight of his chest armor was 72 kg. When Maharana Pratap used to go to war, he used to weigh more than 200 kg, including 1 spear, 2 swords, 1 shield and armor etc. All the weapons of Maharana Pratap are stored in the museum of Udaipur royal family.

7) The battle of Haldighati was fought on 18 June 1576 in Amer. The battle of Haldighati was fought between Akbar's army and Maharana Pratap`s army. Maharana Pratap faced the Mughal army with great bravery, courage and valor. Even after this war, the Mughal army could not catch Maharana Pratap nor could he catch Maharana Pratap during his lifetime nor could mughal have complete authority over Mewar, although the Mughals had become empowered around it.

8) It is the story of the commander of the Mughal army Bahlol Khan and Maharana Pratap in Haldighati war. Maharana Pratap had cut Behlol Khan's body (including head) into 2 parts including his horse with a single sword.

9) Even after this war, many battles were fought such as "Battle of Diver" and "Battle of Diver" in which the Mughals had to face severe defeats.

10) Actually, the Haldighati war was the only beginning of the wars between Maharana Pratap and the Mughals.

11) There is a story in a famous book "Book of President USA" when Abraham Lincoln was going to visit India. Then he asked his mother, "what do I bring for you from India" and his mother said that "Bringing a handful of dust from the Haldi valley, the heroic land of the great country where the king was so loyal to his subjects that he chose his motherland instead of half India." (" उस महान देश की वीर भूमि हल्दी घाटी से एक मुट्ठी धूल लेकर आना जहाँ का राजा अपनी प्रजा के प्रति इतना वफ़ादार था कि उसने आधे हिंदुस्तान के बदले अपनी मातृभूमि को चुना" ")

12) People of the Lohar and Bhil castes supported Maharana Pratap. The Lohar (blacksmiths) people worked day and night to make swords and the symbol of it also appears on the royal insignia of Mewar. You can see also there is a Rajput on the royal symbol of Mewar in one way and Bhil is marked on the other.

13) While living in the forests, Maharana Pratap ate up to the rotis of Ghans to protect his motherland.

14) Akbar had even proposed to Maharana Pratap that half of India would be yours but under our control. Maharana Pratap did not accept that he had said that "he would never bow his head in front of the Mughal till death."

15) His overpowered horse Chetak which was a very powerful horse. Who does not know the bravery of Chetak? It is said that with the terrible war of Haldighati When Chetak was running to save Maharana Pratap, the 25 feet river was also crossed. And due to the injuries inflicted in the war, Chetak died soon thereafter. There is also a Chetak temple where Chetak died.

16) Everyone is aware of the bravery of Chetak but like Chetak there was a brave "Ramprasad" who was an elephant. In the battle of Haldighati, the Ramprasad elephant had created panic in Akbar's army. Ramprasad (an elephant) killed many mughal's elephants. Finally, the Ramprasad elephant was captured along with 7 elephants. After being caught, this elephant had abandoned all the food grains and water. he was died in 18 days.

17) He fought many wars during his lifetime but he died in a hunting accident on 29th January 1597 (Chavan). After this, his elder son Amar Singh became the master of Mewar.

18) Even see the valor of his Maharana Pratap, Akbar also cried after hearing the news of his death.

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